Conducting an HR Audit

pexels-photo-357863.jpegAs a business owner, it may be difficult to keep track of everything you have going on. Not only do you need to build your business and keep it running successfully, but now let’s add employee issues, recruiting, benefits, payroll, performance management – it’s not easy. Along with all of this, you have compliance issues that you must be on top of in order to avoid costly fines, criminal penalties or even loss of your business license. One big area of interest this year with all of the immigration talk going on is the focus on I-9 maintenance.  When you bring on a new hire, you verify their I-9 and complete the necessary paperwork to ensure they are eligible to work in the US. Its a tedious process and many leave this to an admin or someone that may not be fully trained in the process. If you have an HR department that takes care of this, even better. This year, there is a big push to ensure companies have the right paperwork in place and are maintaining their records as required by law. Having an outside consultant come in with a second set of eyes for an audit is a huge advantage. We can assist with the following tasks to help you get prepared for an audit:

  • Review each employee I-9 with a trained eye to ensure everything on the form is completed accurately.
  • If errors are found, we will follow a process to make sure they are tracked and corrected properly. This will come in handy when an audit is performed to show you have done everything to ensure compliance.
  • Ensure you have a completed set of I-9’s on file for all termed employees within the set time-frame (one year after term OR 3 years after date of hire, whichever is later) and assist you with setting up a timeline for deleting other termed employee I-9’s, according to USCIS retention requirements.
  • Set up proper maintenance for record-keeping of all I-9 files, separate from personnel files, as recommended by USCIS.

Make sure you are prepared for an audit – its becoming more of a possibility with the new guidelines immigration has recently set. Preparation is key. If you are a business owner and would like to discuss start this process, give us a call.

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