5 Strategies to building a highly effective training program (and stay within budget).

Corporate Training or Employee development programs are critical to any organization’s success. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, time and/or manpower, many companies fall short in this area. If you are reading this and realize that you fall into this category – perhaps you have a limited budget and year after year training is not on that priority list, maybe you just don’t have the team to execute a training strategy or you simply don’t have the time to invest in putting together a training program, this is for you. I will share a few ideas that can help you get started on building an effective training program, regardless of any limitations you may have.

  1. Identify your training needs/goals: Do you need stronger leadership? What soft/hard skills are most important to you? What skills are most important to your employees? Use this information and build your plan around it.
  2. Know your audience: Assess your workforce, understand their needs and identify any skill gaps (performing a skills gap analysis is the best way to approach this). Talk to your managers to understand what they feel is important to their teams.
  3. Use your available resources: Do you have any SME’s (Subject Matter Experts)? Are you tapping in to these internal resources? Perhaps an Excel Whiz on staff? Strong presenter on your sales team? Ask them to lead a session. This will not only provide a learning opportunity for your employees, but the presenter will have the opportunity to sharpen their presentation skills.
  4. Schedule Brown Bag Sessions: Motivate employees to foster their own personal growth by taking on a topic of interest (remember to stay within your training needs/goals list). Have them research and present to others. Order some lunch and run small training sessions led by employees – its a growth opportunity any way you look at it. You’ll be surprised how many will feel empowered to get involved.
  5. Start a book club: Choose a good leadership, time management or team building book and have a team of employees meet weekly to discuss and/or brainstorm. I have several excellent books that we have read as a team that I can share with you all – just ask!

As I mentioned before, training programs are very often overlooked by some business owners that have not yet realized the potential these programs can unleash when implemented. They can motivate employees to work harder, build confidence in their skills and strengthen a team. I strongly believe Employee Training and Development programs are the cornerstone of any organization. Well-equipped employees are your biggest asset and there is no better way to show them you care than by giving them the opportunity to learn new skills. If you need any assistance building a plan or implementing these strategies, give me a call and lets discuss.

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