5 Tips for Managing Millennials

Friday night, over dinner, I was part of a discussion about millennials in the workforce. As a Gen X-er myself, it takes some getting used to, but we cannot hide the fact that they are a large and important part of our workforce today….and will only continue to grow. So, as a manager, what can you do to prepare to ensure you are setting them up for success?

  1. Provide leadership and guidance- Millennials require constant feedback, they need to know how they are doing – weekly and some, even daily. Be prepared to give them feedback and coaching on a regular basis.
  2. Give them structure – They need to know exactly what they are doing and where they are going. Try your best to give them clear goals and set milestones. A millennial will thrive in an environment with short term goals and visible results.
  3. Challenge them – Be prepared to give them different tasks/projects. Millennials get bored with the same routine and lose interest quickly. They are also great at multi-tasking and may finish a project quicker than planned, so be ready!
  4. Provide plenty of development opportunities – With a constant need for “the next challenge”, millennials need to know they are being set up for success. Providing¬† growth opportunities is a sure way to retain them and keep them motivated/engaged.
  5. Recognize their achievements – This generation seeks constant approval from not only managers, but peers. This motivates them to keep going, so be sure to recognize them on a job well done and celebrate their success.

In 2015, millennials became the majority in the workforce with over 75 million joining us. Let’s use this opportunity to learn how to manage a different generation and work with them to build a better workplace.

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