5 Tips for Effective Time Management

Have you ever had a day when you feel like you can’t get a minute break and at the end of that day, you look back and realize you didn’t accomplish much? We’ve all had those days and it’s a horrible feeling. You feel like a slacker, but it’s during times like that, when change can come about. You need to do something – this can’t become a habit. There is a big difference between being busy and being productive and the key is effective time management. Once you can manage your time efficiently, you will realize your days will become more and more productive. Here are a few steps to help you get started:

  1. PLAN AHEAD: Take some time the night before to close things out. Clean out your inbox and jot down those pressing tasks for the following day. Start your day on time and reflect on what you need to achieve today. Create a checklist and try your best to stick to it.
  2. PRIORITIZE: Take this list and set priorities – shift things around based on what is more critical. Categorize your tasks as important and urgent, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, not urgent and not important. For those in the important and urgent box…EAT THAT FROG (if you’ve never heard this phrase, lokk it up)! There is always that one thing you keep putting off because you just don’t want to do it…but you know you should! So, use this method: do what you dislike the most FIRST (eat the frog), then everything else will be easy. Try it…it works!
  3. AVOID DISTRACTIONS: Whether you need to turn off your phone, close out your email, turn off the TV, close your office door – DO IT! This will help you focus and get things done. It’s amazing how quickly you can cross something off your list, if you just avoid those distractions.
  4. JUST SAY NO: Learn to say no to things that will deter you from accomplishing your tasks. If it is not urgent, don’t feel bad telling others that you simply cannot do it right now. Ask them when would work and add that to your tasks, but make sure you categorize it correctly.
  5. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF: You cannot expect to be productive if you are not well rested. An alert mind functions much better and is less likely to be distracted.

Time management

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