Interview Series Part 2: Assessment Interviews


Talent Assessments or Pre-Employment Tests are widely used to help employers identify candidates based on certain skills necessary for the role. These assessments are also used to predict a candidates on the job performance, coachability and retainability. Most of the time, there will be a phone interview, then they will have the candidate take an assessment to further determine fit and then if all goes well there, they will bring them on site for final interviews. Again, this all depends on the company’s process and all companies are different, but this is a general process. There are different types of assessments, which I will review below:

  1. Skills Assessment:
    • Used to measure what you already know; your proficiency in specific skills related to the role, such as, how fast you type, math skills, verbal skills, and the ability to use certain MS programs.
  2. Work Sample Assessment:
    • Used to measure specific skills related to the role by duplicating the activities they would perform day to day.
      • This could be technical coding for developers, sales pitches for sales roles, etc.
  3. Cognitive Assessment:
    • Used to measure ability to think “outside the box”, problem solving, attention to detail, speed at which you take in new information and how well you’ll perform in the new role.
      • As the work sample assessment measure how candidates would do in expected situations, this one measures how they would do in unexpected situations.
  4. Personality Assessment:
    • Designed to measure specific aspects of your personality, such as, coachability, tolerance, introversion/extroversion. Evaluates behavioral traits that typically don’t change over time. There are no right/wrong answers to this assessment, but rather determine whether you possess traits linked to success in this role.

While these assessments are meant to measure overall job fit, they are also opportunities for candidates to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Use this as a learning opportunity, ask questions to see where you could improve with skills. As for the personality test, it will help you understand what types of roles you would do better in. For more information on prep for these assessments and other interviews, please feel free to reach out to us!

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