Resume Writing Misconceptions

Right wrong

Hi there! So, this week I wanted to jump on here to address a few questions that have been coming up with clients this past week. During our exploratory calls, a few have asked me the following questions:

  • Shouldn’t my resume have some graphics on there to help me stand out?
  • Shouldn’t I use fancy words or titles?
  • Should I add some more “meat” to my experience?

My answer? No, No and No. Why? Well, let me explain. There is a process your resume will go through when you apply for a position online. It first goes through something called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This is the tool companies use to filter through the hundreds of resumes that come in for any one position. Imagine this, a recruiter works on about 5-10 positions at any given time. For each position, they receive about 100+ resumes. This is not manageable, so the ATS is used as that first step in the process to perform the initial filter. Basically, the first “Yay or Nay” is not determined by a human, but a system that goes off of preset parameters determined by the recruiter/company. When the position is posted, the recruiter will add a list of “must haves” that will be scanned for and extracted from your resume once it appears in the system. If the keywords are not in there or easily read by the system, it will not move you through to the next step in the process, which is to be reviewed by the “human eye” or the recruiter/hiring manager. Too many graphics could also confuse the system and throw it off, as well as, too many words or those fancy titles.

So my advice to you is – Keep it Simple. Add your experience in there and be sure you place key words related to the position you want throughout the resume. As a resume writer, this is our goal, to get you through that initial ATS review successfully and into the hands of a recruiter that will review your resume and get you scheduled for a call. Once you pass this step, it’s time to prepare for the interviews!

If you need assistance with your resume, we are available for an initial assessment and exploratory call.

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