Preparing for Onsite Interviews…you’re almost there!

Onsite Interview

So, you did it – you got that outstanding resume in place, prepared a charming cover letter, passed the phone interview and assessment and now you received the call back for your onsite interview. This is typically the final step in the process before the offer, so it is important to make the right impression. You may be interviewed by several people including a person in HR, the hiring manager and other team members in one on one interviews or via a panel interview (panel interviews are the same as face to face interviews but with two or more interviewers in the room). The goal of this interview is to determine whether or not you are a fit for this role and if you will receive an offer. So what should you expect? More specific interview questions regarding your experience, knowledge of the company and overall fit for the role.

So now what? Well, as with everything else, preparation is key. Let’s review a few steps you need to take to ensure you are 100% prepared to interview.

  1. Research the CEO, products & services, history, competitors, etc.
  2. Review LinkedIn profiles for this you will be meeting with. See if you share any commonalities.
  3. Review the job description again, so it is fresh in your mind.
  4. Bring a notepad and pen, extra copies of your resume, and have some references printed out (no family or friends – all work related).
  5. Come prepared with questions (preferably written in the notebook to ensure you don’t forget them). For example, management style, challenges in this role and expectations.
  6. Dress to Impress – make sure you’re in business attire. Plan this out ahead of time.

Now that you have prepared for the interview, get a good nights rest and be ready to ace that interview. For more information or to run through mock interviews, reach out to me!

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