About Me

A little bit about me….
Graduated from Pace University with a Bachelors in Applied Psychology and Human Relations. I joined corporate America in 1998. Fresh out of college, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I stumbled upon what would turn out to be my true passion – HR – specifically, recruiting at the time. I started at an agency recruiting engineers for companies in the Financial District (Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, etc.). I spent a few years there and then decided to take a leap of faith and joined a small marketing startup to help them build out their HR team. After that, I moved on to Young & Rubicam in a Recruiting Specialist role – along with some recruiting, I helped them build out their performance appraisal process and started managing a small team of interns. I remember working in Midtown NYC and having my husband pick me up at 3 am with my 4 year old sleeping in the back seat. But I had to do it. I always took pride in my work and got the job done no matter what. From there, we decided to move to South Florida. I worked with Cisco for some time recruiting engineers for their VoIP division and then took a role with Citrix. I started as a contractor and quickly moved in to a full time role and worked my way up to managing a team of about 15+ people in recruiting and operations. I had my third child during this time and to this day recall going into labor with my blackberry in hand. After 5+ years with Citrix, I moved back to NY, where I took roles with a small digital marketing company, LinkedIn and Yahoo – managing their campus recruiting teams. With lots of travel, 3 kids and a husband at home, I excelled in these roles through hard work and dedication. I am now with the same digital marketing company I worked with in the past, I was hired to build out and run their HR operations in the US. I love my job and I love what I do. I’ve sacrificed a lot to get here and worked many long days and nights and spent time away from my family to get to where I am today. I understand the difficulties people encounter throughout their careers and also know what it takes to bring out that “drive” in employees. I’ve been there. This is why I am confident I can help organizations and individuals maximize their potential. Next year will be 20 years in this industry, I’ve been through it all. From tough bosses to tough employees, I know how to navigate through these challenges. I’ve been the only female sitting in executive meetings and also that mother juggling work, travel and and a family life. No challenge is too big for me.