Why people leave their jobs..


As an HR professional for the past 20 years, I have seen many resignations, but not at the pace I have seen lately. So i ask…why do people leave their jobs? I read an article on the Society of Human Resources website Better pay is the top reason workers are quitting jobs and although I do agree with this statement, I also believe there are other factors that contribute to this decision. Let’s review a few here:

  • Lack of Career Growth – employees need to know that they will grow in their roles – they need to be given a clear career path and coached on what they need to do get there. GDP’s (growth development plans) are a great way of documenting this process. If they have clear vision, they will be more engaged.
  • Culture – this is a big one. Company culture is quite often overlooked as a retention concern, but I feel its the most important. The wrong company culture can lead to decreased job satisfaction, which leads to decreased productivity and eventually a high turnover rate.
  • Bad Management – It is said that employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. Bad managers are the main cause of dissatisfaction at work. They can rip a team apart and cause others to lose motivation. I always say if a manager treats their employees fairly, they will give 110% always.
  • Lack of Corporate Vision – If a company does not provide employees with a clear vision and mission statement, it can cause a ripple effect of uncertainty and chaos. Managers will not have a definitive plan/goals to work towards, which in turn, will give their teams a lack of direction.

All of the above are contributing factors in the decision to resign. Some weigh in stronger than others, but all play a part. Why would you leave your current role? Have you experienced any of the above? Let’s talk about it….

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