How to Build a Solid Recruiting Plan


No matter the size of your organization, to be successful, you must have the right people in place. Hiring the right talent is critical to any business. A recent survey from CareerBuilder showed that a bad hire can cost a company almost $15,000. So how can you be sure you are doing it right? Well, you need to have a solid and efficient recruiting process in place. I will be walking you through a few steps you should take to help you get started. If you already have a process, go through these tips and fill in any gaps you may have.

First, you must figure out how you want to sell your company and what your current needs are. Start off by creating a short description of what your company does, its culture and the opportunity. This will help narrow down the candidates. News flash: not every person is a fit for your organization, so you want to make sure those that apply know what they are in for. Once you have this in place, its time to start building a recruiting process that will maximize your search efforts and bring you the best talent out there. Below, are a few tips you can use as a foundation to help you get started.

  1. Identify the hiring need. Why are you looking to hire someone?
    • Do you have a new project on the horizon?
    • Are you looking to expand to new markets and need a SME (Subject Matter Expert)?
    • Is there a sudden increase or spike in the workload?
    • Are you simply looking to replace someone?
  2. Plan out the details of the role
    • What is your goal with this new role?
    • What specific skills are important to be successful in this role versus nice to have skills?
    • What will the new employee be tasked with?
  3. Write a compelling job description
    • Once you’ve clarified the needs for this role, write them down. Be sure to be as specific as possible to avoid having people apply whose skills do not match the role.
    • Don’t add too many qualifications, as this may limit your candidate pool. Remember to ask yourself what skills are necessary and what skills are nice to have.
  4. Get the right recruiting resources in place
    • Make a list of general sites to publish this on and look into niche sites.
    • Don’t forget your employees are your biggest source to hire from – create an employee referral program to incentivize them to help recruit and bring qualified candidates.
  5. Create a process to review applications and put together a solid recruiting team.
    • A few questions you want to ask yourself:
      • Who will handle initial application review.
      • Once an employee is selected, will they be scheduled for a phone interview, onsite, etc.

Keep in mind that every company is different and your recruiting process might differ depending on your needs, so its best to bring in an HR consultant to help with this. We can help you brand your business, ensure you are targeting the right people, create a seamless process from resume review through offer letter, assist with job descriptions, screening questions, interview coordination and provide interview training for those involved in the process, etc. Give us a call and see how we can help!



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